Fite Rite

Solving the competitive Athlete's weight struggle





Fite Rite is an app I created to help competing fighters keep track of their weight. As a competing boxer myself, I have seen the challenges that fighters go through to stay on track of their weight. They often find out right before the fight that they still need to loose weight and this drains their energy.

There are other fitness apps that help people loose weight. I will keep my focus on research and user interviews to understand what apps already exist and what is missing. 

How can I help the modern day fighter stay on track of their weight and nutrition, making a safer and healthier fighter?

- Have the athlete know their start weight and end goal

- Understand what they need to do to stay on track for fight day

- Connect with their coach so they can see the fighters progress

UX Designer | UX Researcher | UI Designer



Investigating the Problem

I wanted to start off this project doing a lot of research to get an understanding of what the competition is, who is my target audience, and what the underlying structure will look like.

Competitive Comparitive Analysis


User Interviews

User Personas

Story Mapping

Site Map

User Flows




Lo-fi Wireframes

Iteration 1 - Hi-Fi Wireframes

User Testing

The app was tested with 5 users. The most useful takeaways :

  • The design is too cluttered and complicated.

  • Users need a call to action and did not know what to do with the app.

  • The icons were confusing.

  • The users did not understand what actions to take in order to complete a task.


Final Wireframes

Iteration 2 - Lo-Fi Wireframes

Iteration 3 - Hi-Fi Wireframes