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A new way to modify an existing flight
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 Upside Business Travel  is a corporate platform that provides digital services and support to small and midsize companies. To help travelers and organizations save time and money when they book trips, the platform aligns their wants and needs, reduces friction and frustration, and offers new levels of freedom and control.


For the Q3 OKR's the main focus is self service - being able to perform more functions without having to call up customer service. One of the features that have been directly requested was to use unused tickets before they expire.


Travelers earn unused tickets when they cancel trips. The value of these unused tickets represent a significant impact on the bottom line for their company's travel spending. Admins, arrangers, travelers and agents would like to have access to view their unused travel credits and ultimately use them before they expire.

Due to COVID-19 and people having to cancel their flights, companies have a lot of unused tickets. In an effort to save companies money a feature that was specifically requested was to have a way to apply credits from flights they were unable to take.


The approach has 2 epics to this project - tracking the unused tickets and applying them to checkout. Due to recent changes to the scope and focusing on the MVP, the project and this case study will only display the process of creating a way to track and display the unused tickets (not application).

The solution is to build a UI for admins, arrangers and travelers to see unused tickets and create a way for agents to see these travel credits. Travelers will be able to view their own tickets whereas admins and arrangers will be able to view the unused tickets for all customers in their company. Along with the travel credits tracking UI, we are adding the ability for agents to view unused tickets. A booker would reach out to an agent and have them apply the credit.


Currently the application only has 1 way of applying credits - and this is specifically only for Southwest airline credit.


This is a big blocker from our customers who are very concerned about not wasting money due to having to cancel flights due to the pandemic. This will save companies money and be another feature that can attract new customers.

From a business objective ladder:

Increased CSAT -> Increased Retention -> TTV (Total Travel Volume).


As the Senior Product Designer, I worked within a scrum team of a Project Manager and 8 Engineers.  I was responsible for conducting competitor analysis, designing user flows and wireframes to clarify product requirements, creating interactive prototypes, and designing high-fidelity mock-ups for engineers. I was involved with meetings with stakeholders and interview with clients.


I also worked closely with the Engineers to understand technical feasibility, testing once the product was ready to launch, address bugs and create a flawless experience.




Upside has 2 products  : UBT Upside Business Travel (the free version ) and DTX (the paid enterprise version for small to medium sized businesses).

Currently for UBT we have one way to apply airlines credits only for Southwest flights.

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Current travel credits page for Southwest credits only. This page is only an Admin view, so no traveler can view their individual credits.

Only way to apply credits is in checkout. There are no other reminders throughout the site that the traveler has credits.


We have 4 personas when considering designing for the product :

  • Traveler

  • Arranger

  • Administrator

  • Agent (Customer service) - Currently there is no role for an Agent to apply credits in DTX

For this scope, there will be 2 different experiences:

  • Traveler View

  • Administrator View

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Taking a look at how other airlines track and apply credits to their website, the ones that stood out were Tripactions, American Airlines, and Delta.

The features that stood out :


  • Having a separate page for unused credits

  • Creating a way to remind the user there are unused credits available (use them before you loose them)!

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User Flows

With the traveler and admin in mind, I brainstomed some user flow ideas of tracking and application, with a focus on where the credits should exist within the application.

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Takeaways from Discovery + Research :
  • Travel credits will live on its own page

  • Most websites have a way to remind the user that they have travel credits and to use them before they expire

  • Keep in mind that the Traveler will have a different view than Admin/ Arranger




* Update : For the MVP we are going to focus on tracking and where the credits will exist for a view only purpose. Applying the credit has been put on pause.

Ideas on where the Travel Credit's page should exist for Admin

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Stakeholders + User Interviews

Our team had a few meetings with the Stakeholders to get a better understanding of:

  • What a company would want to see when viewing their airline credits (filters)

  • What filters are most important

  • What should be the default in viewing (expiration date has shown to be the most popular)

We were also able to interview clients and get even more specific feedback.

This was really helpful in fine tuning the details through the iterative process.

Wireframe Ideas : The Traveler


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Group 170.png
Group 172.png
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Wireframe Ideas : The Administrator


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Takeaways from Iterations + Interviews:
  • The MVP is now creating a page for tracking credits only.

  • Information from discovery and interviews resulted in creating 1 page that Admin and the Traveler can view. This page will be in the same place for both users to lessen confusion. The main difference will be that an Admin will be viewing credits from everyone while the Traveler will only be able to view their credits.

  • The default sort will be by expiration date, though all rows of the table can be sorted.


Final Product

A universal Travel Credit page is live on the Enterprise (DTX) website. This page can be accessed by Travelers and Administrators.


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Key Takeaways

  • User Interviews were a helpful and important part of the design process!

  • We got a good idea of our user and their needs for this product.

  • Worked alongside the Engineering team to understand the best technical lift.


  • I would loved to do some user testing or A/B testing to get an idea of how understandable it is to find this page.

  • Working on application was a feature I was looking forward to developing, but due to timing and the change of scope, this got put on hold.