A staff dashboard for a new e-commerce platform





WIBO (Workshop in Business Opportunity) is a private non-profit organization that has been running for more than 50 years. They have taught more than 18,000 business owners how to grow a sustainable business. In an effort to help their Alumni make more sales and find a way to grow WIBO's business, they want to create their first e-commerce website. 

We had 8 weeks to create a new system for the staff. 

WIBO needs to find a way to get more donations for the company. 

They will need 3 different portals :

1. A Dashboard : For the staff members 

2. An Alumni Portal : For the sellers 

3. A Website : For the buyers

1. Create a dashboard that is visually appealing and easy to use!

2. Give staff access to monitor sales, seller information, and analytics.

3. Collaborate with 2 other teams a seamless experience throughout all 3 portals. 

4. Develop a way WIBO can accept donations

UX Designer | UX Researcher | In a team of 3 UX Designers 



User Interviews

We started off our research process with interviewing the staff of WIBO.  


They will be the users of the dashboard so we wanted to get an idea of : 

What their current work responsibilities are 

What struggles / issues are they currently facing 

What things would be useful for them in a dashboard 

What kind of relationship do they have with the Alumni 

Findings :

WIBO's reputation is their main concern  

Staff would like an application process for the Alumni (Sellers).


Within onboarding process  the Seller needs to have a legal business with all paperwork, business bank account, and need to meet certain sales criteria.


90% of the staff are WIBO graduates and have their own business 


Building a strong community is important to the staff. They want their Alumni to feel supported by WIBO.

User Persona

Card Sorting

Since this platform has not been built and the current staff are still in talks, planning on what they want from the platform, it was a bit hard to nail down the exact direction of the persona and journey. Card Sorting helped to put together options for the dashboard so we can continue to move forward. 

Information Architecture

User Flow

We decided to focus on the Onboarding Process since it’s a primary focal point of the platform.

Many of the staff kept discussing these main issues:


Keeping up the communication with Alumni 

The onboarding process of Alumni 




We employed sketching and quick low-fidelity wireframing to decide on design, layout, feature, and flow.

Lo / Medium Fidelity Wireframes

The dashboard was initially was structured with 3 sections :

  • Mailbox

  • Analytics

  • Alumni Portal



Alumni Portal

We put our focus on the Alumni Portal which started with 4 sections :


  • Onboarding


  • Offers


  • Accepted


  • Pending

Iterations : 1st Round of Alumni Portal

Iterations : 2nd Round of Alumni Portal

User Testing


  • Users were having issues with the wording of the dashboard. The sections of the Alumni Portal were very confusing to the user as well as the name "Alumni Portal" because at this point they are not Alumni they are "Shop Owners." 

Next Steps: 

  1. Change the labeling on the navigation and page headers.

  2. Fine tune the user flows of "approve" and "needs more review" of shop owners.

  3. Clean up the Vendor page (Shop Owner page) back end. Remove the color grid and replace it with stars. Add more detail to make it apparent it is a back end portal.

  4. Clean up overall design. 

  5. Use Style Guide to incorporate color, typography, and icons. 


We presented the project to the CEO of the company. They will be deciding if they will move forward with the project.

While we did not have time to create a Donate section for the Staff, this feature was implemented into the e-commerce interface. The donation option will also allow this non-profit company to make more money in order to expand their business and help others do the same.


Final Wireframes

New Features: 

  • Reorganization of the Menu - Now we have an application section and a Shop Owners section

  • Redesign of Shop Owners section -

Key Takeaways

This was a great learning experience in working with a company and CEO. I also learned about working and communicating with other design groups.  

Additional Features I would like to add : 

-  A way to track donations for the Staff 

- More customization for the filters