UX Designer + UX Researcher

I am a UX Designer + UX Researcher based in New York City.

I create intuitive and accessible user experiences through research, design,  iteration, and prototyping.

My background is in Textile Design and Fine Arts. I love building brands and have extensive insight of the product life cycle.

Currently working on an app to help provide solutions for Women with Breast Cancer to monitor their symptoms and become more knowledgeable of their health.

Latest Projects


Helping customers find the best value when purchasing a diamond

A free non-profit company that teaches Adults how to read

read now desktop.png
WIBO home page.png

A staff dashboard for a new e-commerce platform

I can help you with :

  • User Experience Design

  • UX Research

  • UI Design

  • Accessibility

  • User Testing

  • Wireframes

  • Prototyping

  • Creative & Visual Design

I am available for new projects!

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